So, for those that don’t know me, or just don’t know, I joined a Crossfit gym last May.  I have been going regularly and am averaging 4-6 times per week.  I ahve to say, I am loving it, from the challenge to the change.  I have seen drastic improvement in my strength and ability and a general slimming accoss the board.  Now it has been nearly 5 months since I joined and I am looking for the next big PUSH for my body.  Enter the LuRong Paleo Crossfit Challenge…


My gym has decided to try to field the minimum 20 challengers for this 9 week Paleo event.  They describe it better than I  do:

Welcome to The LuRong Living Paleo Challenge, Your Catalyst for Making Real and Measurable Lifestyle Changes.

Our nationwide challenge is about life-transformation through education, nutrition, and fitness. It is time to take control of your health, diet, and performance. Whether you are just beginning the journey for better health, or an elite athlete looking to break your PR’s, you owe it to yourself to take the LuRong Paleo Challenge. No more excuses and no regrets. Improve yourself, impact the world around you, and win some serious prizes! Now is the time!

This is the first Nationwide Paleo Challenge that gives people of all experience levels a chance to win. The comprehensive scoring is based on 3 major components: WOD performance, diet, and improvements. Compete both as an individual and for your Affiliate Team.

Being a team player and looking for a challenge, I decided to join.  Part of the support system supplied by my fellow team members is a private Facebook Group where we share ideas, thoughts and complaints.  I tend to be a bit wordy and like to turn a phrase.  Some of my fellow teammates suggested I pull some of the better posts out for posterity.  These blog posts are excerpts from my Facebook Group.


I hope you enjoy!

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