The Fluegges are a group of wanderers.  Never being able to stay put in any one place for more than 3 years or so, Stacy and Scott and their children have moved from Wisconsin to Illinois to Florida and now to India all in the span of 12 years. 

The India oddessy is, of course, the most interesting move that we have made thus far, and for that reason, this blog seemed appropriate as a way to keep our friends back home informed and to help us adjust and come to terms with our new lives here.

Scott:  His job as Senior VP of his company is what brought us to Hyderabad.  He spends the majority of his time working and travelling for work (He was in Dubai last week and Signapore this week).  When he is not working, he’s spending every bit of free time with Stacy and the kids, mostly being roped into playing the Wii with Ender.  (He doesn’t complain about that too much!)

Stacy:  Wife, Mother, Volunteer.  Her days were once spent volunteering at Addie and Ender’s school, now they are spent adjusting to this strange new life, working on this website, and figuring out how she’s going to worm her way in to volunteering at the kids’ new school!

Addie:  8 years old in August, Addie has just started 3rd Grade (or 3rd Standard as its called here) in Hyderabad.  She loves reading and painting and is learning to type so that she can work on her own webpage for all of her friends back home.

Ender:  At 6, Ender loves playing computer games, riding his bike, and attending his 1st grade class.  A talkative bundle of energy, Ender will be glad to tell you all about Hyderabad or show you around should you come to visit us.

Thanks for stopping by to see us!  We’re glad that you have come to share our adventure!

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    Hi Stacy
    I just read all of your daily events leading up until now. I really feel for you about the laundry as I am doing laudry now as I read about your wash day.I’m glad you’re making friends, but that comes as no surprise.

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    Hi Scott and Stacy, I love seeing pictures of you and the Kids. I really miss you guys so much. I love the idea of yhou guys are having so much fun and ajusting so well. But It also makes me sad. I wan’t you guys to hate it so you would want to come back home. Let me know if you are still planning something for this Christmas.

    Love, Heidi, Paul, Vincent, and Anastasia


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